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Arriving shortly: healthcare’s new era.

In the coming years, the U.S. health sector will endure what may very well be the most substantial changes we will see in our lifetimes.

There is growing consensus on what must be done – and still very little consensus on how we get there.

The success of this transformation is going to rely heavily on how effectively healthcare leaders can create the future vision, communicate that vision clearly and reliably, and help people see the steps they need to take to get to that future. Leaders will also need to safeguard their organizations’ commitment to excellent healthcare all along the way.

  • Healthcare providers will need to improve their ability to rapidly innovate.
  • Senior leaders will need to engage and connect with its employees, medical staff, patients, and communities, during times when trust will regularly be tested.
  • All healthcare leaders will need to rapidly learn new skills and find and adopt new best practices as they emerge.
Are they ready?

How NCHL can help.

Developing healthcare leaders is the mission and front-and-center agenda of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership. In our recent white paper, NCHL communicated an agenda for our work moving forward, structured around five key questions:

1. What leadership competencies will be needed in the future?
2. Which leadership practices are most important for achieving various dimensions of healthcare organizational performance?
3. How can we best leverage technology to enhance leadership development?
4. How can leadership teams become more representative of the communities they serve?
5. How can leaders from across the health system collaborate more effectively?

NCHL’s success in addressing these questions will, in turn, depend on its continued success in marshalling support for the kinds of ground-breaking projects that have been its legacy since 2001.

We need your help.

Our work depends on support and partnership from industry leaders who recognize the critical role of leadership development in preparing for the future. Corporate support makes a difference in our ability to expand the influence of leadership development across the industry, to continue our research and demonstration work, and to deliver evidence-based management and best practice leadership innovation to a growing segment of healthcare.

We encourage the active engagement of our sponsor thought leaders on our advisory panels, conferences, and programs to make this all happen. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can collaborate to bring about improvement to our industry and together change the game in healthcare.

Join us in working together to improve our industry.

Please contact Joyce Anne Wainio at to learn more about NCHL sponsorship opportunities.

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