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Best Organizations for Leadership Development

BOLD identifies and recognizes the use of evidence-based leadership development practices in healthcare systems. BOLD—Best Organizations for Leadership Development—complements the Gail L Warden Leadership Excellence Award, which honors healthcare leaders who have made significant contributions to improving population health.

The National Health Leadership Survey has been conducted since 2007 to provide data on evidence-based approaches to leadership development including attracting and selecting leaders, talent management, diversity leadership, and succession planning.

Since 2014, the biennial BOLD Award recognizes hospitals and health systems that are leading the field in preparing current and future generations of leaders needed to transform our health system. BOLD top-ranking and honorable mention organizations are recognized at the Human Capital Investment Conference in November.

In 2018, the NCHL National Health Leadership Survey and BOLD Award will again be supported by a grant from Cielo Healthcare.

2016 Bold Award - by Jill Schwieters, President, Cielo Healthcare

For additional information about the National Health Leadership Survey and BOLD, contact Joyce Anne Wainio at or 312-563-6656.

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