September 13, 2023


Dear USCIPP Members:


As we enter fall, there are a number of upcoming educational events for USCIPP members. The NCHL All-Member Conference will be in Chicago from November 13-15. Please click here to register by September 15.

Two webinars were also recently announced – see the “New Announcements” below for more details.

  • Cultivating Global Expertise: Understanding International Medical Licensure for Online Second Opinions (register here)
  • Infrastructure Collaboratively Designed With and Built for US AMCs With Destination Medicine Programs (register here)



National Center for Healthcare Leadership

New Announcements

USCIPP is hosting a benchmarking session at the NCHL All-Member Conference to review results from the 2021-2022 benchmarking survey and discuss year-over-year trends. The session is only open to members who have submitted benchmarking data for the 2021-2022 year.


Please contact the USCIPP team to submit outstanding data and/or confirm your organization’s submission status.

Below is this month’s NEW round of listserv questions. Responses are due by September 15. 

  1. Compared to last year, have your referrals and volumes for embassy patients increased/decreased?
  2. What international patient payment software/solution does your program use?
  3. What RSO platforms have institutions hired?  What were the pros and cons of each platform you have worked with?
  4. Has your organization ever been sued/litigated against for care provided by international telemedicine or RSOs?
  5. What is your international team’s triage process before accepting a new patient? Do you charge for this process?



All USCIPP members are welcome to participate in the monthly USCIPP listserv questions activity. This activity allows members to anonymously ask questions to peers and receive blinded responses. The USCIPP team puts together a report based on the submissions to the questions and releases it to members in our Listserv Archive.

Please click here to submit a question to be asked in the next round of listserv questions.

We are pleased to release a long-form market analysis for Australia. Individuals whose organizations participate at the Premium/Premium Plus or Organizational Affiliate level of membership may access it by navigating to the USCIPP Premium & Organizational Affiliate Member Resources (Research and International Market Analysis Work Products) workspace.


In the workspace on the portal, scroll down and navigate to “Australia Market Report” and click on the link to open the report. 


As a reminder, the USCIPP team recently released a market report for Indonesia as well.

USCIPP is excited to be working with Chicago USCIPP-member hospitals to offer a group tour to USCIPP members as an optional and free add-on networking activity. This activity is being offered to USCIPP members only.

Members will have the option to select one campus to tour. The tours will take place from 1:00 – 2:00 PM CT on Wednesday, November 15. There are 5 different campuses to choose from that are within the Chicago city area limits.  This is a great networking activity if you will be staying in Chicago for the evening or catching a late flight.


It is the responsibility of each individual to secure their transportation to/from their tour.


Click here for additional information about each campus: 

Attendees who register for the All-Member Conference may add a ticket for the tour and may select the campus they would like to tour. A confirmation of your tour, along with additional logistical information (meeting location, directions, etc.) will be shared closer to the conference date.


If you have any questions, please reach out to 


Space is limited! 

The USCIPP team at NCHL was recently invited to participate in an upcoming webinar that will be of interest to USCIPP members.


Attendees can expect to learn about


Countries and regions across the world each regulate the practice of medicine within their borders differently. Hospitals that understand how to navigate compliance of the patient’s home country can expand their global footprint, helping more patients gain access to the medical expertise they need. Organizations like NCHL (via its USCIPP program), Hogan Lovells, and Purview stay on top of these trends. Hear from the panelists regarding what you should be thinking about when it comes to international licensure to facilitate international second opinions.




Jarrett Fowler, Senior Director, Strategic and International Initiatives, NCHL
William (Bill) Ferreira, Partner, Hogan Lovells
Les Trachtman, CEO, Purview



Are you ready to take your professional growth to new heights in 2023?   As a valued member of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL), we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge through four cutting-edge professional education programs.   Introducing our partnership with Emeritus, a renowned leader in online executive education. Together, we have curated  four premium programs, with a special six-session NCHL Thought Leadership Series, designed to empower healthcare leaders like you to thrive in today’s dynamic industry landscape. What’s more, as an NCHL member, you can access these programs at a special discounted rate!   2023 Professional Education Program Offerings Include:
  • Wharton Chief Human Resources Officer Program
  • Johns Hopkins Business of Healthcare Program
  • Emory Chief Medical Officer Program
  • UCI Chief Nursing Program


Brought to you in partnership with Emeritus Healthcare 

Ongoing Announcements

As a follow-up to the previous International Operations call in June, we are sharing some information about USCIPP’s international patient experience initiative. 


Launched in 2019, the USCIPP International Patient Experience Initiative is the first standardized survey of international patients’ perspectives on hospital care. TheUSCIPP International Patient Survey is a survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience. While many hospitals have collected information on patient satisfaction for their own internal use, until the International Patient Experience Survey, there was no standard for collecting and reporting information about patient experience of care that allowed valid comparisons to be made across hospitals with international programs.


The USCIPP International Patient Experience Survey asks discharged patients 32 questions about their recent hospital stay. The survey contains 24 core questions about critical aspects of international patients’ hospital experiences (communication with care team, responsiveness of international program staff, financial services, overall satisfaction, and recommendation of hospital).


The survey is administered to adult and pediatric patients across medical conditions 48 hours and six weeks after the end of the patient journey. Hospitals may useREDCap, Qualtrics, or another approved electronics survey platform. The survey is administered via email by most programs, although some programs have operationalized sending the survey via WhatsApp. The survey is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese. Participating hospitals use the custom-built USCIPP Qlik Sense dashboard to monitor individual results. The dashboard also allows them to compare their results with aggregated data from their peer institutions.


Annual participation in the initiative is $3,000. The participation fee includes a template of the survey instrument in 5 languages that can be uploaded in REDCap, support with onboarding, ongoing monthly data uploads, in addition to hosting monthly check-in meetings. USCIPP also prepares an annual benchmarking report, and is responsible for dashboard maintenance, periodic survey instrument updates, and translation. 


Click here for a preview of last year’s report (only participants have access to the full report).


To understand how hospitals have used the international patient survey to improve operations at their program, we encourage you to watch a recording of last month’s international operations call by clicking here.  


If you have any questions or would like more information on how to get started, please reach out to the USCIPP team at

We are excited to announce our newest (return) member, Duke University Health System (Duke Health), who rejoined USCIPP at the Standard Member level. Duke Health is in North Carolina and is a world-class hospital and healthcare network, serving both adult and pediatric patients. The primary contact for USCIPP at Duke Health is Rodney Williams, Associate Vice President, Patient Revenue, who can be reached at Please join us in welcoming Duke Health as a returning member of the USCIPP community! 


USCIPP is running a trial membership and is excited to announce that Hackensack Meridian Health and the University of Utah Medical Group have accepted our invitation to the trial membership and will have access to limited membership benefits until October 31. The primary contact at Hackensack Meridian Health is Kimberly Caesar, Director, Global Health, who can be reached at The primary contact at University of Utah Medical Group is Brennan Loyola, Associate Director, Destination Care, who can be reached at Brennan Loyola and her team will be attending the conference this fall. 


Event Info


This year’s three fantastic keynotes have been announced for NCHL’s 2023 All-Member Conference, November 13–15 in Chicago! 


We look forward to welcoming Dr. Jonathan Perlin, Col. Nicole Malachowski, and Kelly Leonard to the stage. You don’t want to miss this conference designed for attendees from across all of NCHL’s premier programs including: USCIPP, LENS, and NCAF. 


Mark your calendars, registration for this event is NOW OPEN! USCIPP primary contacts received a promo code for complimentary registrations. As a reminder, Standard members receive one complimentary registration. Premium, Premium Plus, and Organizational Affiliates receive three complimentary registrations. Registration can be completed by clicking here. Members are encouraged to register by September 15. 


A special thank you to the 2023 Event Planning Committee comprised of members from across all programs who assisted in the selection of these highly-acclaimed speakers.


In response to USCIPP member feedback last year, we have several changes planned for this year. You can expect more engaging, relevant, actionable, and sophisticated content, tailored to USCIPP members. While last year we only had 1 track for international-related content, this year you can expect to have 3 separate tracks planned specifically for international-related content, allowing you to bring multiple team members from your organization and attend different sessions concurrently.


More details about the agenda will be released soon, including titles for selected content submissions! 


We are pleased to be able to bring back the international award this year (nominations will open the week of June 5th). We will honor the international awardee at our NCHL Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award Celebration Event on the evening of Tuesday, November 14 at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Business Development Mission to Saudi Arabia’s Global Health Exhibition
October 29-31, 2023
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Join this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to meet Saudi public and private entities driving the development of the healthcare sector and find potential business partners.
Saudi Arabia, the fastest growing G20 economy in 2022, accounts for 60% of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s healthcare expenditure. Saudi Vision 2030, the nation’s ambitious national development plan, recognizes healthcare as one of the country’s most important sectors and is committed to developing it.
Industry Highlights:
  • Annual Government Budget: $36.8 billion on Healthcare and Social Development in 2022
  • Sector Growth Rate: 5.8% from 2017 to 2029
  • Saudi Pharmaceutical Market: $12 billion in 2022; expected to reach $15 Billion in 2027
  • Saudi MedTech Market: represents 50% of the MENA market; expected to outpace global growth (estimated at 18%) within the next 6-7 months.
  • Prioritization of partnerships with the private sector. The Private Sector Participation (PSP) Program at the Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to encourage the engagement of private sector contribution from 25% to 35% by 2030 through public-private partnerships (PPP) and offer non-PPP opportunities.
Market Overview and Opportunities:
The Saudi population is expected to grow from over 34 million currently to 39.5 million by 2030. By the same year, the population of vulnerable people aged 65 and up is expected to grow by 7%, to reach nearly 5 million people. Medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes remain prevalent, and the Kingdom continues to invest significant resources in treatment, care, and research development. Medical tourism is rising and the local patient population is remaining in the country to leverage the high quality of privatized services.
Saudi Arabia has more than 500 hospitals, 78,000 hospital beds (of which approximately 20,000 are provided by the private sector), and 5,000 health clinics. The region needs close to 700 hospitals by 2030 (99,000 beds spread across government, private and semi-government), long term care centers, and suppliers of services in specialty areas such as oncology and cosmetology. Moreover, the country aims to set up 20 healthcare delivery clusters with the capacity to serve 1 million to 2 million people each. The clusters have the freedom to create infrastructure, launch new health programs, and support the population’s health while managing their own budgets.
The Health Sector Transformation Program, launched in 2021, aims to improve access to health services, the quality and efficiency of healthcare services, promote health risk prevention, and improve traffic safety. The MOH has transitioned from a service provider to a regulatory body, focusing on its planning, regulatory, and supervisory roles in health care.
The private sector serves as an important strategic partner for the Saudi Government through the contribution of capital, development of new and innovative solutions, and help in resolving challenges to improve access to quality care. There are approximately 45 domestic MedTech manufacturers that are producing low-value, single-use devices such as syringes and gloves. They account for 6% of the market.
Saudi Priorities and Opportunities:
Top Saudi priorities in the medical industry are increasing the privatization of healthcare services, encouraging PPPs, scaling up medical education and training of its local workforce, as well as boosting the adoption of digital information systems.
Opportunities are related to infrastructure, facilities management, operations, medical equipment, primary care centers, virtual/digital care, extended care, laboratories, radiology, cardiology, diabetes care, medical waste, etc.
As healthcare resources and workforce are limited in supply, there is an opportunity for companies with expertise in sophisticated training solutions for clinicians for workflow optimization as well as adopt the latest technologies that can automate or shorten the workflow, such as leveraging AI for clinical decision-making.
In terms of MedTech products, there is a growing demand for capital equipment, diagnostic devices, implantable devices (ophthalmic, dentistry, and cardiac surgery), consumables, remote, real-time patient monitoring devices, self-health management tools, and connected devices, as well as add-on services such as consultation on workflow management, coordination of production, inventory, location, and transportation.
As specific clusters focus on oncology, cardiology (hypertension and acute coronary syndrome), and chronic care, it offers MedTech companies the opportunity to introduce disease-ownership models centered on end-to-end disease management from diagnosis to treatment to recovery/rehabilitation. In addition to products, the MedTech companies can elevate their role to integral partners offering a combination of hardware, software, and professional services, offering value-based care models, which are increasingly becoming the global and regional norm.
 About the Global Health Exhibition
October 29-31, 2023
The Global Health Exhibition (GHE) 2023, held under the patronage of the MOH, aims to bring together the Saudi & global healthcare communities together to connect, network and do business. The event gathered more than 14,000 professionals and generated over $42 billion of business in 2022.
To learn more about the GHE, please click .
Who Should Join the Mission?
  • MedTech Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • Healthcare IT
  • Support Services
  • Hospitals and Clinics (Construction, Operation, and Management)
  • Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing Home
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Home Healthcare Services
Mission Fee Includes:  
  • Participation at the GHE23
  • Opportunity to raise profile of your company/products and services in the U.S.-Saudi Business Council booth on the exhibit floor
  • Promotion of your product/service to targeted audiences in Saudi Arabia prior to the Global Health Exhibition
  • Private briefing in Riyadh on doing business in the healthcare sector (legal aspects, perspectives from U.S. companies doing business in the Kingdom)
  • 1-on-1 meetings with potential Saudi business partners, end users, and government officials
  • Group ground transportation to and from the GHE23 venue.
  • Onsite support during the GHE23.
  • Business visa facilitation service.
  • Assistance with follow-ups for 3 months post-mission without charge.
Mission Fees:
  • $2,500 per company (Council Members); $1,000 per additional team member
  • $3,000 per company (Council Non-Members); $1,000 per additional team member
Expenses for air travel, lodging, incidentals, and meals are the responsibility of each participant.
Mission Application Deadline: October 6, 2023
For questions, please contact Jay Ennis at 

   I Will Attend     

     No, I will not attend     

U.S.-Saudi Business Council

Upcoming Events


The USCIPP Pulse is a new section members can go to for updates from the USCIPP Advisory Council and Subcommittees and other ad-hoc, member-wide initiatives and calls. USCIPP will share highlights from recent meetings so members can know more about the work these groups are doing.


International Operations Monthly Call Series


Last month’s International Operations call topic was on “Concierge/Guest Services for International Patients.”


See the list below to access recordings of International Operations Calls hosted in previous months: 


• February: International Dashboards/Scorecards (Boston Children’s & Ochsner Health)

March: International Intake Processes (Northwestern Medicine & MD Anderson Cancer Center)

April: International Program Structures/Staffing Models (Texas Children’s Hospital & Henry Ford Health)

May: International Patient Discharge Planning (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center & Mayo Clinic)

• June: Improving International Operations through International Patient Surveys (Cleveland Clinic, Houston Methodist, UCLA Health & Children’s National Hospital)

July: International Self-Pay Finance Operations (Cedars-Sinai & Mayo Clinic)

• August: Concierge/Guest Services for International Patients (UPMC & Shriners Hospital for Children)

• September: TBA

• October: TBA


Advisory Council and Subcommittee Calls

•  The USCIPP Advisory Council met on August 11 and discussed several initiatives that the USCIPP team is working on, including results for the international patient coordinator certification survey.  The next meeting will occur during the All-Member Conference in November. 

•  The next USCIPP Benchmarking & Research subcommittee met on August 4. The discussion included the status of the benchmarking survey results, next steps for the international collaborations research in conjunction with UChicago researchers, an update of upcoming market reports, and plans to revamp how market reports are done. 

•  The USCIPP External Relations Subcommittee met on July 28.  Items discussed included coming up with a list of high-value conferences for USCIPP members in 2024 that USCIPP will seek partnerships with. Additionally, USCIPP will reach out to CMS to seek information about how to engage with relevant contacts to discuss the Good Faith Estimate Law (perhaps a webinar in 2024). 

•  The USCIPP Global Market Development Committee met on August 25. Items included updates to the partnership forums and future business development events.

•  The USCIPP International Patient Experience Survey Subcommittee met in August and discussed desired revisions for next year’s survey. USCIPP is finalizing a draft survey instrument and updating the translations in conjunction with the subcommittee members. A new survey is expected to be rolled out at the start of the next calendar year with additional enhancements and the Hebrew language added. 

USCIPP operates on a member-driven agenda of peer benchmarking and international market research, member-to-member education and collaboration, the creation of international business development opportunities for members, the development of industry standards, and more.