About NCHL: Advancing Evidence-based Leadership Practices  


What We Do


NCHL advances healthcare leadership by addressing critical issues facing today’s leaders. We champion three premier membership programs including the Leadership Excellence Networks (LENS), US Cooperative of International Patient Programs (USCIPP), and National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF).

Each of these programs supports its members through collaboration, education, and research to help them achieve their business goals as they pursue excellence and solutions.


How We Do It


Collaboration, Education, & Sharing

NCHLprovides year-round educational opportunites to its members so they may grow their business and reach their objectives. These include:

  • LENS councils
  • International Patient Programs
  • Human Capital Investment Conference & Gail L. Warden Leadership Award
  • NCAF Fellows Education Events 


NCHL conducts various research for its members and those inside the healthcare sector. This includes:

  • NCHL's Leadership Competency Model 3.0 ® 
  • Trends in Graduate Health Management Education
  • Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • The NCHL Catalyst Model 

Data Collection

NCHL collects industry-wide data to helps its members make critical business decisions. This includes:

  • NCHL's National Health Leadership Survey 
  • NCAF's Annual Administrative Fellowship Benchmarking Surveys
  • USCIPP's Annual Benchmarking Survey for International Patient Programs

Leadership Recognition

NCHL reconizes individuals and organizations for contributing to the healhcare field. This includes:

  • Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award
  • Best Organizations for Leadership Development
  • International Patient Services
  • International & Global Health Award

How Can We Help You



NCHL provides organizations with a network of resources to advance best practices and achieve organizational excellence:

  • A network with like-minded top industry leaders 
  • C-suite level resource and best practice sharing
  • Opportunities to Invest in your workforce