NCHL Events

NCHL hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Some events are limited to members-only, while others are open to anyone with an interest in the content. In addition to online virtual events, NCHL also hosts in-person events.

Events Library

Over the past year, NCHL has hosted a variety of virtual events that were accessible to members and non-members for no cost. To view our previous  Coffee Chats and Town Hall videos from the past year visit our Engaged Learning page. If you are searching for member-only events and recordings, please visit the Member Portal (top right navigation). You can find even more videos and educational sessions on the NCHL YouTube channel

Get Involved

NCHL offers a variety of ways for members and non-members to get involved in our events. Members are invited to submit interest in joining our events planning committee. Additionally, members and non-members are encouraged to submit abstracts to speak at our events. Throughout the year, speaking opportunities will be shared on this page and through our various communication channels. Finally, there are a variety of sponsorship opportunities for members and non-members alike.