Leadership Excellence Networks


One of the premier programs of NCHL, the Leadership Excellence Networks™ (LENS) is an institutional membership group for leading healthcare organizations that recognize that leadership development and talent management programs are integral to their strategic goals. LENS organizations seek to advance leadership and organizational excellence in their own institutions, support NCHL’s mission to advance leadership throughout the field, actively share their experiences with other LENS members, and collaborate on various interorganizational initiatives. Senior leaders from LENS member organizations participate in a variety of shared learning activities and joint initiatives through a council structure.

List of Members
Boston Children's Hospital *Rush University Medical Center *
Carilion Clinic *Stanford Health Care *
Cone Health *Intermountain Healthcare *
Henry Ford Health System *Stanford Children's Health †
Mass General Brigham *UK HealthCare †
Johns Hopkins Medicine *Vanderbilt University Medical Center †
Memorial Health System *Bon Secours Mercy Health ‡
Mount Sinai Health System *CommonSpirit Health ‡
Northwell Health *Trinity Health ‡
NYU Langone Health *UAB Medicine §
OhioHealth *

* Full, Premium LENS Member
† Leadership Development Council
‡ Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council
§ Well-being Council
Membership Categories, Requirements, and Benefits
MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS AND BENEFITSPremium Membership Basic Membership Individual Council 
Participation fee$25,000 $12,500 $5,000 
Participation in the LENS Steering Committee *  
Priority eligibility to participate in national research and demonstration projects and co-development, design, and peer review of new leadership development initiatives (would include Workforce and Future Collaborative) *  
Access to NCHL research team in support of specific research needs *  
Access to a BOLD benchmarking & Resource Page (internally facing database and report generator) *  
Name and logo recognition on NCHL website and social media platforms Name and Logo Name only Name only 
Complimentary registration participants from your organization to attend the annual Human Capital Investment Conference 5 tickets 3 tickets 1 ticket 
Receipt of monthly Executive Briefings, LENS Newsletters, and other leadership communications and reports ***
Participation in Committee and/or Council calls All 
Discounted rate for the Coach Certification Program Best Better Good 
Six educational webinar offerings (not Council specific) All 
Discounted registration for other LENS activities (e.g., leadership programs and/or other training) Best Better Good 
Access to past LENS webinars recordings ***
Access to LENS Council listservs ***
Access to curated toolkits and guides ***
Access to LENS Education Corners ***
Access to archived LENS Executive Briefs ***
Access to LENS Coaching Exchange ***
Access to NCHL’s mentorship program  ***
Access to NCHL’s Competency Model ***
Opportunity to participate in the National Health Leadership Survey/BOLD ***
Access to past Human Capital Investment Conference (HCIC) content ***
Access to NCHL’s white papers and other publications ***
Benefits of LENS Membership

Peer-to-peer networking to share, discuss, and solve common challenges
Exposure to the latest innovations in leading human capital practice and technology solutions
Long-term relationships with peers in your field
Ongoing professional development
Cost savings on programs and resources

Leadership Commitment

Unlike open membership organizations, NCHL welcomes healthcare organizations to participate based on their demonstrated commitment and forward-thinking approaches to healthcare leadership.

High-Impact Outcomes

LENS councils prioritize their work based on what they believe will provide them with the highest impact outcomes in the short term with an eye on long-term outcomes for the field.

Leveraged Resources

LENS council members seek opportunities to share resources and develop interorganizational programs with other members.

Evidence-Based Data Sharing

The systematic collection of models, metrics, and tools provides a snapshot of current healthcare environments and stimulates discussions on trends and unique areas to develop.

Research Support

Members have access to analytic support and current research related to the development of their leaders.

LENS Steering Committee & Councils


Steering Committee

This committee oversees the work of LENS and the various councils.

Chair: Tara Wiedeman, Senior Director, Human Resources, Carilion Clinic
Chair-Elect: Patti Adelman, Assistant Vice President, Physician Leadership Institute, Northwell Health
Diane Adams, Chief Learning Officer, Mount Sinai Health System
Eric Bacigal, Vice President, Organizational Development, EAP & Wellness, Henry Ford Health System
Alice Carroll, Director, Leadership Development, OhioHealth
Aimee Daily, Senior Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer, Memorial Health System
Kiva Elliot, Vice President, Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer, Cone Health
Erin Flanigan, Senior Vice President, Talent, Mass General Brigham
Adrienne Mead, Assistant Director, Human Resources, Enterprise Learning & Development, Stanford Children’s Health
Mary Nash, Vice President, Organization Development & Learning, NYU Langone Health
Chris Newell, Director, Learning & Development, Boston Children’s Hospital
Marguerite Samms, Assistant Vice President Leadership Development, Intermountain Healthcare
Sara Turley, Chief of Staff, Rush University Medical Center
Maura Walden, Director, Organization Development Services, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council

Hospitals and health systems have a responsibility to ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for their employees and patient communities. Underrepresentation of minorities within health systems, equitable care, and building a sense of community throughout the neighborhoods that the health system serves are some of the challenges that need to be met to eradicate these disparities. The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council works to identify best practices to continue erasing these disparities and racial inequities in healthcare by:

1. Working to ensure the health of the community that the organization serves, through health equity programs, community partnerships, and employment opportunities
2. Supporting staff and raising consciousness around racial and social injustice movements
3. Peer-sharing and learning opportunities among member organizations

Leader Participation

Members of this Council include chief diversity officers, directors of diversity & inclusion, and program managers within the DEI departments.

Time and Resource Commitment

Council meets quarterly
Peer learning and educational opportunities are provided each month; peer learning opportunities consist of member organizations presenting on their programs, initiatives, and strategies
Other educational sessions may include non-LENS member organizations that present on related topics

Leadership Development Council (NEW in 2021)

Today’s healthcare organizations recognize the need to develop the next generation of leaders to respond to the challenges of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. New for 2021, the Leadership Development Council will focus efforts on:

1. Leadership coaching – providing opportunities for coach certification and continued education
2. Peer-sharing of health system approaches to leadership development
3. Education on leadership development best practices
4. Opportunities to engage in research to advance the pragmatic practice of healthcare leadership

Leader Participation

Members of this Council comprise senior level professionals who oversee learning and development, a health system’s leadership institute, talent management, or organizational development and change.

Time and Resource Commitment

Council meets quarterly
Educational opportunities are provided every month, including coaching educational sessions with CEUs and webinars that are targeted at providing member organizations’ clinician leaders
Other educational sessions may include non-LENS member organizations that present on related topics

Talent Metrics, Analytics, & Planning Council

With personnel expenses often exceeding 50% of total health system operating costs, effectively measuring, predicting, and managing talent needs is essential to the successful pursuit of high-value care. The Talent Metrics, Analytics, & Planning Council focuses on:

1. Sharing experiences with specific approaches to talent metrics and analytics, identifying areas of need, and looking for alternative approaches
2. Strengthening capabilities for assessing future workforce needs
3. Discussions on the latest literature surrounding people analytics and talent acquisition

Leader Participation

Members of this Council include senior-level professionals who oversee workforce planning, people analytics, or workforce intelligence.

Time and Resource Commitment

Council meets monthly
Rotating sessions on peer-sharing; may also include non-LENS organizations and guest speakers
Journal club discussions

Well-being Council (NEW in 2021)

Leaders increasingly recognize how important staff well-being is to organizational success. However, there are few clear practice guidelines to inform organization-level efforts, and there is tremendous variation of practice across organizations. Even the definition of well-being can vary widely across organizations, making identifying successful practices all the more difficult. Launching in 2021, the primary goal of the Well-being Council is to help organization leaders make more informed decisions about how to invest their limited resources for maximum well-being impact. The Council-driven agenda will focus on gaining clarity in several areas, including:

1. Focus/philosophy: how health systems are defining well-being, and their approaches to it for different groups (e.g., physicians, clinicians, staff)
2. Organizational structures/staffing: how health systems are organizing their well-being activity
3. Outcomes: developing greater consensus on what/how to measure impact
4. Education/implementation: accelerating dissemination of new learnings regarding items (1) – (3) and supporting adoption of emerging best-practice guidelines broadly across the field

Leader Participation

Members of this Council are typically responsible for well-being at the enterprise level; this may include, for example, chief wellness/well-being officers, chief learning officers, leaders of employee & organization development, employee heath/employee assistance leaders, etc.

Time and Resource Commitment

Organizational participation in monthly teleconference meetings (estimated 12 hours total, which can be a shared responsibility – see “Leader Participation” above)
Participation in 2–3 organizational practices surveys

LENS Executive Briefings

The LENS Executive Briefings is a monthly communication that provides highlights of current leadership development-related articles and publications. The briefs focus on topics such as succession planning, talent management, coaching, clinical leadership development, leadership competencies, behavioral change, cultural competency, performance improvement, and measuring learning effectiveness. The briefings are created as a member benefit for NCHL’s Leadership Excellence Networks™ (LENS) and Council senior leaders. An example of a recent Executive Briefing is provided below.

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Become a LENS Member

For additional information and to learn how to become a LENS member, please contact LENS Program Manager, Melanie Standish by clicking the link below.

Become a LENS Member