About Us

Our Mission

NCHL is dedicated to advancing healthcare leadership and organizational excellence by building diverse, inclusive, and collaborative relationships in the US and abroad. NCHL is widely recognized as the premier source for evidence-based healthcare leadership practices, cultivating communities for peer collaboration across organizations, and collectively developing industry models and benchmarks to improve healthcare.

Our Work & Impact

Annual Impact Report

In the ever-changing industry of healthcare, NCHL programs and resources are more vital to the healthcare community than ever before. This report, released every year in mid-September, highlights NCHL’s accomplishments over the past year, many of which we have achieved collaboratively with our member organizations. 

Collaboration & Education

NCHL and its premier programs provide year-round educational opportunities to our members so they may grow their business and reach their objectives. These include:


Leadership Excellence Networks (LENS)

A collaborative of senior leaders from US hospitals and health systems dedicated to strengthening
leadership and organizational excellence through communities of practices focused on the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion; leadership development; well-being; and talent metrics, analytics, and planning. 

National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF)

NCAF’s agenda is member-centric. The NCAF governance structure is comprised of a Steering Committee and two workgroups, the Benchmarking, Metrics Research Workgroup, and the Emerging Leaders Advancement Workgroup. The Steering Committee and Workgroups are comprised of members from the top fellowship and leadership development programs and graduate health management programs.

US Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP)

A consortium of US academic medical centers and health systems that work with international patients and hospitals, foreign governments, and other partners from around the world. USCIPP operates on a member-driven agenda focused on continuing member education, international market research, peer benchmarking, interorganizational collaboration, awareness building, and more. 

Corporate Membership

NCHL welcomes the many voices from across the healthcare continuum. We believe that broad collaboration and diverse perspectives are essential to achieving true progress. This sentiment provides the foundation for NCHL’s relationships. Corporate member benefits and modes of engagement vary from strategic to tactical, from thought leadership to networking, with multiple paths for your organization to achieve meaningful value.

Research & Data Collection

NCHL engages in research in healthcare leadership, organizational development, and international healthcare for its program members.  Additionally, NCHL has a number of industrywide benchmarking data collection initiatives to help members make critical business decisions. 


NCHL offers a variety of virtual learned opportunities including our 2022 Coffee Chat Series, Informational Sessions on our Programs, International Business Development events, and more. Learn more at: https://www.nchl.org/events/engagedlearning/

NCHL recognizes individuals and organizations for contributing to the healthcare field through its leadership award programs. These include:

NCHL’s Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award and Celebration, November 15, Field Museum, Chicago, IL

The Best Organizations for Leadership Development Awards. The 2022 awards ceremony and luncheon will take place at the NCHL All-Member Conference, November 14-16, 2022, Chicago.