Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Overview

The 2024 Mentorship program will be delayed until later in 2024. Check back at this page for additional information. 


This initiative is for healthcare professionals seeking leadership and mentorship opportunities.  


There is no fee for NCHL members to submit an application or participate in this program. This benefit is accessible to all NCHL members.


Timeline is yet to be determined for 2024.

Program Objectives

  • Bring together professionals pursuing careers in healthcare
  • Develop and hone new skills to foster career development
  • Create mentor-mentee relationship with experienced industry executives to create a collaborative learning environment
  • Discuss key trends impacting different fields
  • Develop future leaders in healthcare

Mentor & Mentee Expectations

A Code of Conduct is available here for review. Applicants will sign off on the code when subitting their application. Please read through it. If matched, both mentors and mentees agree and sign the Code of Conduct. Additionally, each match is encouraged to have a conversation about their individual expectations and how to appropriately hold one another accountable. 

Previous Mentorship Pairings

The NCHL team works to match applicants based on skills, needs, and interests. Previous matches include:


Administrative Fellow (Mentee) and CEO (Mentor)

Senior Director of Learning & Development (Mentee) and CEO (Mentor)

Head of Healthcare Consulting (Mentor) and Senior Operations Coordinator (Mentee)

NCHL's Role

Collect – NCHL will solicit and review applications from prospective mentors and mentees.

Match – As able, NCHL will match all eligible mentors and mentees based on application questions including professional experience, skills, development objectives/goals/, location (if relevant), etc.
Please note, that while our goal is to match as many applicants as possible, we are limited by the number of mentors available.

Connect – NCHL will facilitate the initial connection between mentors and mentees to assure a smooth introduction. Mentors and mentees take it from there.

Evaluate – As an initiative of NCHL, we have a responsibility to assure this programming is effective and meaningful to our members. Therefore, we are committed to evaluating the program mid-cycle and at the conclusion. Additionally, we welcome direct feedback from participants throughout the program.

Learn more about the NCHL's Mentorship Program.