Join NCHL as a Corporate Member

NCHL has designed a corporate membership program that maximizes exposure to healthcare leaders at hospitals and health systems across the US. Our corporate membership options are intended to provide value-added benefits and return positive results for participating organizations. Each tier offers various levels of support for corporate members interested in demonstrating the highest commitment to advancing healthcare leadership and organizational excellence.

The NCHL corporate membership program is designed to provide a framework for corporate stakeholders interested in healthcare leadership to engage more fully with leaders in each of our three premier programs. Collectively, NCHL’s program members comprise more than 130 US hospitals and health systems as well as almost 40 graduate health management programs. They drive NCHL’s work developing high-quality US healthcare leadership and expertise to meet our evolving health and healthcare goals.

Your organization will have access to NCHL program members and the broader healthcare market in a variety of promotional, educational, and engagement approaches that demonstrate your commitment to building diverse; inclusive; and collaborative relationships in the US and abroad. Key stakeholders within our three premier programs include:

Leadership Excellence Networks, or LENS
-Chief human resources officers and other human resources executives
-Chief diversity & inclusion (D&I) officers and other D&I executives
-Chief wellness officers and other senior well-being executives
-Senior leaders in organizational effectiveness, learning, and leadership development
-Senior leaders in talent management/acquisition and workforce intelligence

US Cooperative for International Patient Programs, or USCIPP
-Presidents, vice presidents, senior directors, and other executives in international services
-International medical directors
-Senior leaders of global business development and strategy
-Senior leaders of international operations, finance, and marketing  
-Telemedicine departmental leaders

National Council on Administrative Fellowships, or NCAF
-Senior graduate health management departmental leaders and faculty
-Chief diversity & inclusion (D&I) officers and other D&I executives
-Administrative fellowship program directors
-Administrative fellows





Platinum Members


Gold Members




Silver Members


For questions or to learn more about NCHL's corporate membership opportunities, please contact LeAnn Swanson at