Our Testimonials 


"The NCHL relationship was a terrific partnership as we were able to bring expertise in areas like Diversity & Inclusion training, while at the same time, we were able to connect with the nation's top healthcare professionals. Not only did we work together to foster the NCHL mission, we learned from each other in areas of leadership and patient care. I would highly encourage anyone with the opportunity to join NCHL to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity to grow as a person and a leader."

-- Jeff Paulson, Former CEO, Sodexo

"As a member of NCHL we were able to connect our passion for great talent with our desire to make a difference in the industry. NCHL gave us direct access to the industry leaders to advance our brand and grow our reputation while most importantly building relationships with executives across the country."

-- Jill Schwieters, Founder & President, Emeritus Cielo Healthcare


"I have benefited from both ends of the NCAF system. As a prospective candidate, it made a very stressful process much less so, for myself and my recommenders – especially since I could monitor their status. As a recruiter, it meant alot less time managing and sifting through applications, and more time to actually read them."

-- Mina Noohi, Former Administrative Fellow, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

“In terms of supporting our students, the difference a coordinated system has made has been night and day,”

-- Julie Robbins, MHA Program Director, The Ohio State University


“We’re really proud of this award."

-- David Brick, Senior E-Learning Specialist, Human Resources, Stanford Children’s Health/Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford