NAFCAS: the Centralized Application Service for Fellowship Applicants

The National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF) offers a centralized application service to simplify the application process for fellowship applicants and administrative fellowship sites.

NAFCAS allows NCAF administrative fellowship sites to collect and manage applications more easily while providing a simplified and streamlined application process for applicants. The platform also allows NCAF to readily compile aggregate data for benchmarking purposes.

Prospective Fellow Resource Center

Applicants interested in applying to administrative fellowships should create an account in the National Administrative Fellowship Centralized Application Service (NAFCAS) online portal by visiting or by clicking this link.

The NAFCAS 2020-2021 has two application cycles. 

  • NAFCAS Application Cycle 1 will run from June 10, 2020-October 1, 2020
  • NAFCAS Appication Cycle 2 will run from November 23, 2019-Feburary 1, 2020* 


Benefits to Applicants: 

  • Allows applicants to search, select, and review over 70 fellowship sites from across the country using one centralized service
    • Delivers an intuitive online application experience with comprehensive instructions, checklists, and dedicated customer support services
      • Enables applicants to apply to multiple administrative fellowship sites using a single centralized service to record personal information, academic history, and to request and track recommendation letters
        • Allows applicants to readily check the status of their applications from a computer or mobile device

          Fellowship Site Resource Center

          Post your fellowship application using NAFCAS!

          Benefits to Fellowship Sites: 

          • Offers exposure to a broader national spectrum of applicants
            • Provides the ability to configure a uniquely branded home page and site-specific application requirements, such as custom questions, personal statements, essays, and resumes
              • Provides secure, online access to real-time, rich applicant data including GPAs, schools attended, degrees received, and demographic information
                • Allows for efficient ranking and scoring of applicants based on customizable criteria
                  • Permits sites to maintain unique review processes with tools for coordinating the evaluation of applications and scheduling of applicant interviews
                    • Includes robust data analytics and customizable queries and reporting for better applicant decisions

                      For NAFCAS questions, please contact customer service at (857) 304-2094 or