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NCHLs Leadership Excellence Networks™ (LENS) and Councils are institutional memberships for leading healthcare organizations who recognize that their leadership development and talent management programs are integral to their strategic goals. NCHL helps catalyze the internal work of our LENS and Council members through peer-to-peer collaboration, interorganizational initiatives, and research.

NCHL also offers facilitation and leadership development solutions more broadly to the field. Our emphasis is on creating and supporting the organizational culture, competence, and expertise to create and sustaining leadership development strategies that benefit hospitals and healthcare systems for the long run.

Leadership Development


Coaches Exchange 

(Members Only)

NCHL executive coaches provide individual behavioral coaching to mid-level managers and senior executives. The executive coach plays a key role in helping healthcare leaders try new behaviors and build competencies. All NCHL-certified coaches meet the following background and experience requirements: 

The LENS Interorganizational Coaching Exchange is an exciting new way to receive executive coaching. The Exchange allows you to utilize coaches from other healthcare organizations to meet your executive coaching needs. The interorganizational nature of this exchange provides an outside point-of-view that can create an enhanced learning experience for both you and the coach. These interorganizational executive coaches are a unique network of highly qualified coaches. These coaches participate in continuing education to learn from other coaches and to hone coaching skills.

Executive Fellowship Program

The Executive Fellowship Program is an individualized 12-month leadership development experience for senior executives. The Fellowship develops leadership skills and competencies through coaching, reflection, and best practice learning. 

Applicants must be at the level of a senior executive, including CEO, COO, CNO, CMO, EVP or identified as a high potential candidate for a chief executive position.

The Fellowship includes:

  • A year of executive coaching, leadership assessments, and the creation of an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP), which is aligned with the sponsor’s organizational strategic goals and tailored to meet the leadership needs of the Fellow
    • Up to three interorganizational rotations at best practice organizations, where the Fellow observes, interviews, and interacts with CEOs and their executive teams from leading organizations, inside and outside of healthcare. Each of the interorganizational rotations are two to three days in duration.
      • Invitation to the NCHL Human Capital Investment Conference and Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award events

        Custom Facilitation and Leadership Programs

        Through its network of in-house as well as external experts, NCHL supports and also provides facilitation, executive coaching, assessments, and consultation to organizations on projects that are aligned with NCHL's mission. NCHL also can provide expert workshop facilitation around topics such as competencies, leader development, culture development, and governance. Recent projects have included: 

        •   Consultation on the development and implementation of best-evidence management systems for a new hospital (client: major East-Coast health system)
          •   Facilitation of competency model development and dissemination (client: a national association of quality professionals)
            •   Facilitation of value-based leadership development (client: a national association)
              •   Assessment of an evidence-based high-performance work practices model in five leading healthcare systems (client: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
                •   Leadership assessments in support of succession planning for CEO and other senior leadership positions (multiple health system clients)
                  •   Facilitation of accreditation surveyor training

                    NCHL can help your organization design, deliver, and evaluate your leadership development programs, enhance the value of existing programs, and expand your portfolio of leadership learning opportunities.

                    For more information on LENS membership or Leadership Development & Customized Solutions, contact Chelsea Johnson at cjohnson@nchl.org.