Leadership Excellence Networks

The NCHL Leadership Excellence Networks™ (LENS) is an institutional membership group for leading healthcare organizations who recognize that their leadership development and talent management programs are integral to their strategic goals. 

LENS organizations seek to advance leadership and organizational excellence in their own organizations, as well as support NCHL’s mission to advance leadership throughout the field. LENS member organizations actively share their experiences with other LENS member organizations and collaborate on various interorganizational initiatives. Senior leaders from LENS member organizations participate in a variety of shared learning activities and joint initiatives through a Council structure. 

The current LENS Councils are: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Talent Metrics, Analytics, & Planning, and Well-Being.


  1. Peer-to-peer networking to share, discuss, and solve common challenges
    1. Exposure to the latest innovations in leading human capital practice and technology solutions
      1. Long-term relationships with peers in your field
        1. Ongoing professional development
          1. Cost savings on programs and resources

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            What Makes the LENS Experience Unique


            • Leadership Commitment Unlike open membership organizations, NCHL welcomes healthcare organizations to participate based on their demonstrated commitment and forwardthinking approaches to healthcare leadership.
            • High-Impact Outcomes LENS councils prioritize their work based on what they believe will provide them with the highest impact outcomes in the short term with an eye on long-term outcomes for the field.
            • Leveraged Resources LENS council members seek opportunities to share resources and develop interorganizational programs with other members.
            • Evidence-Based Data Sharing The systematic collection of models, metrics, and tools provides a snapshot of current healthcare environments and stimulates discussions on trends and unique areas to develop.
            • Research Support Members have access to analytic support and current research related to the development of their leaders.

            For additional information and to find out how to join the Leadership Excellence Networks, contact Melanie Standish at mstandish@nchl.org